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Aminoteca® ZERO-ST3




  • 3 mL/L.


  • 5 L/ha.

* Apply in the last third of the irrigation.


Aminoteca® ZERO-ST3



Aminoteca®ZERO-ST3 is a powerful anti stress agent specially designed to prevent and alleviate the damage that abiotic stress produces in crops due to low temperatures and frost, excess heat, saline soil or irrigation water, or lack of water.

Aminoteca®ZERO-ST3 bases its efficiency on a high-tech formula specifically developed for the crop to better withstand adverse conditions and that contains, among others:

  • Glycine-betaine and L-proline: two of the most powerful organic osmolytes in nature that act at the cellular level, counteracting the effects caused by abiotic stress.
  • D-gluco-hexose dimer: a natural substance present in plant species adapted to the most extreme conditions on the planet such as deserts or arctic steppes. In addition, this molecule
    improves energy transport by stimulating the metabolism of the plant.
  • Vitamin E: a fat-soluble vitamin that plays a fundamental role in protecting against oxidative stress and free radicals.
  • Free L-amino acids and different natural extracts of vegetable origin.

Aminoteca®ZERO-ST3 has a double action: it prevents the appearance of damage when applied before abiotic stress and, once the stress has begun, it helps to contain its impact and the crop to recover properly.

The high agronomic effectiveness of the product is endorsed by the trust of our customers and by numerous tests carried out both in real growing conditions and in our R&D laboratory.

A crop treated with ZERO-ST3 will better resist cold, heat, salinity and drought.


Total Nitrogen (N) 3.0% w/w
Potassium (K2O) soluble in water 1.5% w/w
Free L-aminoacis 6.5% w/w
Total Organic Matter 30% w/w
Glycine-betaine 9.9% w/w


It will make the crop better withstand the conditions of:

  • Cold / frost: When cold conditions are anticipated, the product will be applied in advance so that the crop is prepared for the low temperature conditions. Once the cold conditions have been given, the product will be applied to help the recovery of the crop. The flowering and fruit setting stages are generally the most sensitive to cold / frost, so it is recommended to apply Aminoteca® ZERO-ST3 especially in these stages to protect the crop yield.
  • High temperatures: Idem vs previous.
  • Salinity: In this case, it is recommended to combine with Teca® SENSESAL®: Aminoteca® ZERO-ST3 acts inside the plant, making the crop more resistant to salinity, while Teca® SENSESAL®  acts in the soil to eliminate excess salts and improve its structure.
  • Lack of water: When the farmer does not have all the water necessary for his cultivation (either because the hydrological year has been especially dry, because the reasoning of water is severe or for any other cause), the product will help the crop not to accuse so much said. lack of water.


  • Preventive action: for any abiotic stress, if applied previously, it prepares the crop and prevents the appearance of damage.
  • Damage containment: once the abiotic stress situation is generated, it minimizes the damage and helps the crop to recover
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