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Teca® SOIL



Application via irrigation:

  • Apply 2.5 L/ha every 15 days

Teca® SOIL



Teca® SOIL is a defense inducer specially designed to be applied to the soil. It activates the natural defense mechanisms of your crop, improves the microfauna and microflora of the soil, enhancing the growth of beneficial organisms that facilitate rhizogenesis and hinder the establishment of harmful agents.

It has a wide range of elicitors and bioactive components of natural origin that help to stimulate the defenses of the plant in general and, more specifically, help the crop to recover from adverse soil situations. The product does not have phytosanitary activity and, because it has zero residues, it has no pre- or post-harvest safety period.

Teca® SOIL acts as a prevention or containment tool if applied before or during biotic stress, respectively.

For this reason, Teca® SOIL is the ideal reinforcement that your crop protection program needs.


  • For all types of crops
  • Designed to be applied to the soil via irrigation (drip, sprinkling ...)
    • Preventive use: In any phase,  when an infection is anticipated. The application of Brotolom® SUELO before the attack of pathogens, activates the innate natural defenses of the treated crop. That is, it activates the plant's alert system so that in the event of a possible attack by a pathogen, it can defend itself with maximum speed and force, avoiding or containing its invasion.
    • Curative use: When the infection appears. By applying the product after the crop has been attacked / infected, we enhance the activation of natural defense mechanisms. The plant will defend itself using all its naturally available protective force. This helps contain the infection.
  • We recommend adding it to the usual protection program.
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