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Fruit Trees

They are mostly long-cycle crops, belonging to a great variety of taxonomic families, generally exploited in large areas and marketed for fresh consumption of their fruits with a high content of vitamins, minerals and fiber. Orange, mango, avocado, pineapple, strawberries, tangerines, cherries, apples, melons or acorns are examples of fruit trees.

There is a great variety of trees and fruit plantations that, depending on the area in which it is grown, will obtain different results in terms of quality.

As in the rest of the crops, for the efficient application of fertilizers, the richness of the soil and the needs of our crop must be known (foliar analysis).

Generally, fruit trees need fertilizers once they have come out of winter rest and in this order:

  • Nitrogen: During the spring for the vegetative development of the tree. It is responsible for the growth of plants.
  • Phosphorus: In flowering and fruit setting. It participates in photosynthesis providing energy and is capable of transforming the energy from the sun and fertilizers and fertilizers into food for the plant.
  • Potassium: Once the fruit has hardened, the tree has the highest potassium needs to develop the fruit. It is the main responsible for feeding the fruit, activating many enzymatic reactions. Provides vigour and resistance against diseases and frost.

At TECA we recommend these products for fruit trees:

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