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Industrial crops are a complex and large group of cultivated plants that, unlike cereals, belong to very different botanical species and therefore have very different ecophysiological and management characteristics and very different uses, some of them non-food.

Industrial crops are those whose final product does not admit direct consumption or for which its transformation is much more profitable. Beet, cotton, sugar cane, quinoa, tobacco, tea or cassava are examples of industrial crops. cultivation subscriber needs vary. For example, cotton requires high demand for nitrogen distributed in the growth cycle, phosphorus in the initial and seed development stages and potassium for the formation and development of the capsules, while beet needs high levels of nitrogen and even higher in potassium.

The contribution of iron and magnesium must also be important, and correct fertilization plays an important role in determining the quality parameters of the leaf, such as color, texture or sugar and alkaloid content. It is very sensitive to low temperatures and frost.

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